90-Minutes on Social Media Marketing.

Last week I gave a talk for the Seattle Graphic Artists Guild about why designers should be using today’s online social media tools to attract work. I promised I’d post a video recording of that talk, and here it is.

I gave this talk twice. Once as a rough draft to a small webinar audience, and the next day at the luncheon to a live audience of creative small business owners.

After reviewing both recordings, I find I like the rough draft a bit better. It feels a little more casual, and I enjoy the side comments I found myself making as I was actively figuring out how to describe certain topics.

graphicartistsguild.gifSource: Next month the Guild is hosting Part II: Social Media Marketing Panel: What Actually Works? with a panel of experts who will share their experiences on what’s working for real people in real life.

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    Hello, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I don’t know how your blog came up, must have been a type, Your blog looks good. Have a nice day.

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    Really insightful posts here. Glad I finally found this place. I can’t remember who referred me here, but sure glad they did.

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    Heya Craig! i may have to leave more than 1 comment on this, but I’m 10min20 into the video and the bit about having to have 2 selves – i think its people who do that or THINK they have to do that, that are also adding to that myth of social media interaction being disingenuous. The key is TO be yourself and for THAT to BE your brand. (if that makes any sense???) :) …Ok, hittin’ again…

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