Acrobat 9 PDF Optimizer.

Stop using the “Reduce File Size” option in Acrobat! When you want to save smaller, more effecient PDF files, learn to use the powerful PDF Optimizer feature instead. This video was recorded during a recent CreativeTechs Webinar on Preflighting and Preparing PDFs for Printing.


  1. kawusch says

    i have a “little” problem with the optimizing a pdf.

    i need a version for acrobat 4.0. When i create Bookmarks and links and when i optimize it for version 4 the bookmarks and the links are away. I tryed to avoid this with the configuration oft the optimize tool – bout the behaviour is always the same.

    What can i do?

    Thanks for help,


  2. says

    Hi Rebecca. We all miss things along the way. My favorite tips have always been those obvious elements in software I’ve used for years, that I somehow missed along the way.

  3. rebecca says

    Thanks for this tip…and I feel like a dumbass for not knowing this as much as we print to PDF and send proofs to clients.

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