Download Photoshop Week 3.


In the third week of our 10-week Photoshop course, Jason focused on selection basics. I think this class really showed the unique style Jason brings to teaching Photoshop. In the words of one participant, “I’m just floored! And I thought I knew all about selections! Thanks!”

Here is the essence of our experimental business model: Free live webinars that are open to everyone worldwide (up to our 1,000 limit). And we sell the downloads afterwards for a small fee:

Purchase: Photoshop Wk 1 – Basics ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 2 – Layers ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 3 – Selection Basics ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 4 – Advanced Selections ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 5 – Layer Masks ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 6 – Pen Tool ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 7 – Brush Tools ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Wk 8 – Retouching ($15)
Purchase: Photoshop Bonus – Color Management Theory ($15)

Purchase: Special: Pre-purchase all 10-Weeks ($60 Special. See Note Below)

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Note: The discount price for the 10-Week download bundle will be creeping up by $5 each week for the remaining weeks of our course. So, next week it will be $60, and then $65 the week after.

The cost of each week’s download includes a 1-hour QuickTime movie of that week’s class, along with a PDF handout, and up to 1-hour of extra audience Q&A. We’re offering a special prepurchase discount of the full 10-weeks. You’ll be able to download the PDF handout on the day of class, and a recording of each completed class about 4 days later.


  1. Ray Thompson says

    Guys, I purchased the SPECIAL for $50 and downloaded the first three lessons, but I can’t find the download page for the others. Please advise, and THANKS!

    Bye R@y

  2. Flor says

    Did you get your 10 weeks? I can’t do this at work. But it’s worth it having the recorded sessions and handouts. Do we get all 10 sessions of 2 hours each? 20 hours of quicktime that we could download. Please advise.

  3. Rick Ferens says

    The course is great! I purchased the full 10-week course but have not been able to locate the download links for the videos or pdfs. Someone help! I missed the webinars for weeks three and four and would like to review these before this week’s class!

  4. Sharon Bruno says

    I’m not finding the place to download prepaid $50 classes.

    I’d like to download last week’s class….Week 3.

    Where is it?


  5. Jim says

    I am so frustrated! I signed up for these valuable webinars, and then my boss decides that every Thursday afternoon we are to have departmental meetings. Wouldn’t you know that it’s exactly at the time of our meetings. I know you are offering the courses for a small fee, but I have three kids in college right now and their expenses come before mine.
    I just wanted to say that I am grateful that you guys offer these for free for everyone, I only wish I could participate. If I can come up with $50, I’ll be sure to buy the 10 week sessions. Thanks again guys.

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