Mac OS X Shortcuts! A Tiny Guide.

HandPocketMod-shortcuts.jpgIn our tip My Mac Won’t Start! A Tiny Guide, we asked for other ideas for useful PocketMod booklets. Here is the first great example from András in the Hungarian Republic who writes the Macintalk blog.

A complete listing of Mac OS X shortcuts in PocketMod format:

Mac OS X Shortcuts! (PocketMod Edition)

For instructions on how to fold this guide, or for a template to create your own PocketMod, read Discover PocketMod. The low-tech PDA.


  1. bill p says

    it would be great if you could offer all of your guides in .swf format in seperate folders so they could be put into the pocketmod application

  2. Garnet says

    Thank You!!! I’m a newbie Mac user (iMac 17″ Intel). I’m learning Mac OS X shortcuts & Photoshop at the same time. So I’m finding it all very confusing because my Mac Geek friends all know the shortcuts but not the menu items to select. This will help me come up to speed quicker. I’d love to see more, especially a Photoshop one!


  3. says

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