Quickly Delete All Page Guides in InDesign.


This week’s tip was pulled from a collection of rapid-fire speed tips for working with guides in Jason Hoppe’s Moving Faster in InDesign CS3/CS4 webinar. Ever want to quickly delete all the guides on an InDesign page? Here’s how:

You can quickly select all the guides on your page by typing Command-Option-G (On the PC, that’s Ctrl-Alt-G). Then hit the Delete key to delete them.

A new feature in InDesign CS4 makes it even easier, Right-Click or Control-Click on the ruler or a guide and choose Delete all Guides in the pop-up menu.

Tip: If some guides have been locked in position, select all guides first and then choose Object > Unlock Position or type Command-Option-L to unlock them. This technique does not delete guides from Master Pages.

WebinarDownload-250px.gifSource: We captured an excellent recording of Jason’s repeat InDesign workshop last week. If you missed out, you can download the full 2 hour recording, along with a 12 page PDF handout.

The cost is $15. We’ve put together a simple PayPal purchase link that takes you directly to a download page after paying. As a bonus we were able to throw in an extra 45 minutes of audience Q&A. It’s a bargain!

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    Jean-René, this was a surprise to me as well. I don’t know why PayPal is not accepting payments from out the US for us. I’m looking into this right now. Probably something I did wrong when setting up the payment link. ~Craig

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    As a french guy I’m quite disappointed : I’ve tried to buy this “webinar” but you don’t accept PayPal payments from outside the US. That’s a pity.

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